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  • Building Your Tucson Dream Home

    Posted on May 4th, 2009 Sarah Ley No comments

    Building your dream home in Tucson can be a rewarding experience if you are adequately prepared, as well as funded. Unless you are buying a home in an already pre-determined building site, it can take a year or longer to go through the process of constructing a home from start to finish.

    Steps to consider when constructing your new home:

    • Budget: Know what you can afford to spend ahead of time. You may have to get different loans for different parts of the process: a real estate property loan for the undeveloped land, a construction loan, a mortgage, or maybe all three! Research this in advance so that there will not be any surprises. Expect that everything will end up costing a lot more than what you plan for!
    • Land:(See Land Purchases, below) The lot you select to build your new home on has to accommodate the house you want to build, and vice versa. It is advisable that you select the building site first so that you can build the property to fit the site.
    • Architect: If you are building a custom home, line up your architect early, because many are booked a lot farther in advance than you may think. Once you get an appointment with an architect, it may take several months for your home design to be completed, as there are many stages for your architect to go through when designing your home.
    • Builder: It is important to choose a reliable, experienced local builder who has the resources and the tenacity to complete your project on time and on budget. Make sure you interview a number of builders to ensure that you select one that you feel confident in both their ability to finish the home to your specifications, and the ability to listen to you.
    • Design:Once you have your building site selected, and you have chosen both your architect and your builder, you can start making design plans. When designing your Tucson home, make sure you select features and finishes that you will be comfortable for you and your family.  It may be relevant to hire the services of an interior designer. Again, check references and interview several of them until you find one that you will be comfortable working with.
    • Contract: Once the planning stages are winding down, it is imperative to get everything in writing! A written contract needs to be detailed between you and each of the parties you are working with. If you have an attorney, or feel one is necessary, it may be a good idea to have your attorney review all of the paperwork before you take the plunge.
    • Follow up!You will need to be “Johnny on the spot” while your home is being built. Plan to be there daily to check on the bulder’s progress. Take pictures, and be an informed owner. If you are not around to check on your new home, the builder, or one of the sub-contractors may miss an important detail. Although this constant vigilance may not seem like fun to you, it is imperative that you are there, and are informed during all the stages of construction to ensure that your home is being built with the quality that  was agreed upon. You can also help nudge things along by following up with all members of your home building team. If something seems like it’s not right, by all means- speak up and get things back on the right track.

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