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  • Welcome

    Posted on March 29th, 2009 Sarah Ley No comments

    If you are new here, you may also want to check out Sarah’s blog, Tucson Real Estate Market. As an experienced Tucson real estate agent, with a career spanning from 1999 successfully selling residential property in Tucson, Sarah Ley feels it is important to provide information and insight on the Tucson, AZ real estate market, as well as the national real estate market, and things to be conscious of during your Tucson home purchase or sale. Sarah’s blog includes topics, news, and posts regarding Tucson investment properties, Tucson listings and homes for sale, Tucson home builders, and issues affecting consumers looking to buy or sell a home in Tucson. If you are in the market to buy or sell your Tucson home, or are just curious about the Tucson real estate market, please check out Sarah’s blog!

    Arizona is home to Sarah…  Her family relocated to Scottsdale from the east coast when she was a year old. Sarah came to Tucson in 1987 to attend the University of Arizona. During her college years, she discovered what a magical place of unparalleled natural beauty Tucson and its surrounding desert is, and decided to make it her permanent home. Sarah is an experienced, understanding, sincere, and thoroughly dedicated real estate professional who gives 110% to her clients’ needs, and who greatly enjoys sharing the allure of Tucson with fellow residents and prospective residents.

    Sarah’s website was designed with you in mind. Because buying or selling a home involves much more than meets the eye, you’ll find information and a wide array of content here on topics relative to your move, as well as the Tucson community, local schools, and most importantly, real estate for sale in Tucson. This site was not designed primarily for property searches- but primarily with your needs in mind, particularly your need to educate yourself about the process of buying or selling a home- so that you feel empowered and confident about your decision to buy or sell, and your decision of working with a true professional. At any time, should you have a question or desire a more detailed explanation, please do not hesitate to contact Sarah by phone, (520) 404-0544 or e-mail her:

    Buying or selling a home in today’s volatile real estate environment can be stressful and unpredictable.  Having participated in over 350 transactions throughout her Tucson real estate career, Sarah is consistently guided by a strong desire to help people during this important transition in their lives. As such, she custom tailors her services to her client’s individual needs (not a formulated package)- in order to minimize their stress level, personalize the process, and ensure that each of her clients Tucson real estate home purchase or sale is an overall successful and positive experience. While the internet is a viable resource in today’s complex real estate market, it can never take the place of exceptional, personalized service. This is the foundation of Sarah’s business practices, and a promise she makes to her valued clients. When considering buying or selling in the “Old Pueblo,” Sarah would be truly honored to be your Realtor during the process of your home sale or purchase and beyond.

    In addition to your primary residence, you may also be considering an investment purchase. You need an agent who has extensive knowledge and involvement in facilitating investment property purchases and sales- of which Sarah does. Please do not hesitate to contact Sarah anytime you have a question or a concern- even if it’s just a request for a good restaurant! Sarah’s business is built upon earning her client’s trust, and upon earning your trust and respect- creating a referral based business. Therefore, she does everything in her power to make sure that your Tucson home sale or purchase is smooth and hassle free. Sarah guarantees that you will be 100% satisfied with her services, and the value that she brings to your home buying or selling experience.

    Come experience the wonder of Tucson…

    Sarah Ley
    Your Tucson Real Estate Agent

  • Caveat Emptor Tucson Home buyers

    Posted on April 16th, 2015 Sarah Ley No comments

    Recently, the phrase “caveat emptor,” which I first learned while pursuing my degree in Business Administration from UA entered my mind. You don’t hear the phrase much anymore, because it seems that consumers are being protected by numerous government watchdog groups since the financial crisis, especially when it comes to buying and selling real property.

    This month, I’ve been showing a lot of older properties, circa 1960’s & 1970’s homes in the $165K-$185K range to a buyer on the east side of Tucson. The inventory is tight, and multiple offers are common, especially on nicer homes that have been fixed up. The properties that repeatedly seem to be moving in that price range, are the “flips,” as they have come to be called. In the rare case you’ve been in a cave since 2009, flips are properties that an investor or group of investors buy on the courthouse steps, from a bank, a short sale, or else directly from an unsuspecting homeowner who doesn’t understand that they could get a lot more for their property if they listed it with a licensed Realtor, then by selling it directly to an investor, and “saving” a commission. The investor then fixes up the house how they see fit, using either licensed or many times unlicensed workers to update, and/or remodel the house, and quickly resells it at a profit.

    The buyer needs to employ the phrase caveat emptor, when purchasing a flip, and I’ll tell you why… Many investor owned flips in Tucson are fully owned or partially owned by licensed REALTORS. Part of being a REALTOR is to remain in good standing with the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), the Arizona Association of REALTORS (AAR), and the Tucson Association of REALTORS, (TAR). As a Realtor, one is a licensed real estate professional, who agrees to conduct themselves fairly and professionally, be an advocate for their clients, customers, members of the public, and each other, as well as adhering to a strict code of ethics which contains 17 Articles that are not laws, per se- but are, as the industry calls them, “standards of practice,” a.k.a. acceptable ways of conducting oneself.

    I have come across several Realtor owned flips that are selling without providing a Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement, a.k.a “SPDS” or an Insurance Claims History, a.k.a. “CLUE” to the buyer. My broker states that in these cases we are to have our buyer clients sign a blank SPDS. Essentially the “SPDS” is a seven page document detailing the Seller’s knowledge of the property since they have owned it. The designated broker employing the agent who is marketing these flip properties informed me over the phone (when I called to question their standards of Practice), that this agent is “selling about 100 properties a year,” and can’t keep track of all the sub-contractors, and has limited knowledge of the property/properties because they only own them for “a very short time.”

    Tucson home buyers, if you are buying one of these properties, and are utilizing the services of a buyer’s agent as your Realtor, it is imperative to have your agent ask the investor seller for a list of what was wrong with the house when they bought it, what was done to the property when it was fixed up, and who was employed to do the work- licensed or unlicensed, names and phone numbers of the sub-contractors. After you ask them these questions, if they still will not disclose, or if they tell you that they don’t know because they are “selling so many homes per year,” consider it a serious red flag. My suggestion is to strongly consider not buying the property- or you could end up with a house with shoddy work, a latent material defect, or far worse. If you do end up buying the property, consider getting a home warranty before closing to protect yourself (home warranties are good for one year, and can then be renewed) in the event a covered system were to fail. And get a home warranty before you close on the house- even if the seller will not pay for it.

    The bottom line is, it is one thing to be an investor selling a property without disclosure, but it is far more nefarious to be a REALTOR selling a property without disclosure. If you find yourself purchasing a home from an investor/REALTOR who won’t provide any disclosures, Caveat Emptor, and if you need an advocate agent to assist you with your Tucson real estate purchase- please call Sarah Ley at 520-404-0544 or email her at

  • Pricing your Tucson Home for Sale

    Posted on January 25th, 2015 Sarah Ley No comments

    Real Estate is a highly competitive and challenging industry. When you make the decision to sell your Tucson Home, it is essential that you list it with an experienced real estate professional who will aid you in properly pricing your home. Sarah Ley has been a full time Tucson Realtor since 1999. In part of the process of correctly pricing your home, Sarah will provide you with a detailed Comparative Market Analysis, (aka CMA) of your home’s value in today’s tough Tucson real estate market to make sure your home is priced to sell.

    Pricing your home properly when it first comes on the market is essential to selling it for a good price, and will actually help you to net a higher percentage of your list price, and could also help you sell the home in much less time- saving you the frustration of having your home linger on the market for countless months. If your home is priced too high when it first comes on the market, you run the risk of alienating prospective buyers, incurring higher holding costs, and ultimately getting less (not more) for your property in the end.

    Setting your list price correctly is critical to achieving a Successful Sale!

    Properties that are priced correctly for the market:

    – Increase the number of showings
    – Bring more interested/motivated buyers to the table
    – Create ease in the appraisal process
    – Maintain the prime market momentum, the first 30 days
    – Send a message to buyers that you are a realistic and motivated seller

    Unfortunately, Overpriced properties only serve to: 

    – Help sell competing properties
    – Reduce the number of showings
    – Lose buyers who are unwilling to negotiate
    – Lose the prime market momentum, the first 30 days
    – Send a message to buyers that you are not a motivated seller
    – Cause headaches in the appraisal process
    – Net the seller LESS money at the closing table

    To give you an example of just how important proper pricing is…Consider that a home priced just 10% above the market value, will cut the number of showings in half. The reason for this is that buyers have considerable information at their fingertips, and will know in a heartbeat if your home is priced over the market. Once a home is perceived by the market to be overpriced, buyers will simply skip the home, choosing instead to spend their time viewing properties that are priced realistically for the current market environment.

    If you are considering selling your Tucson home, and would like a complimentary, no obligation Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), please call Sarah Ley directly at 520-404-0544 or email her:

  • Direct Mail Marketing for your Tucson home

    Posted on July 29th, 2014 Sarah Ley No comments

    One of the tools that Sarah Ley utilizes to announce your home’s availability to the public, as well as educating them about upcoming open houses is direct mail. This marketing technique ensures that you have reached a targeted range of prospective buyers, typically within the neighborhood of your own home. Since we do not know where the buyer of your home is going to come from, one of your neighbors may have a friend or family member who is wanting to buy in their neighborhood. As a home seller, you will also receive a copy of the mailing. Please contact Sarah Ley at 520-404-0544 if you would like to know more about marketing your Tucson home to sell.

  • Internet Based Marketing

    Posted on July 29th, 2014 Sarah Ley No comments

    The internet is a crucial marketing forum for marketing your Tucson home because information systems unlock potential buyers every day. Technology-based advertising reaches a wide variety of potential buyers, especially those from out of town. Many buyers do their initial searches on the internet, and others only do their searches online. The Multiple Listing Service ( is the most commonly used search tool, but it is still only one small resource on the internet. Sarah Ley will make sure your home is showing prominently in the most important internet locations.

    When you list your Tucson or Oro Valley home with Sarah Ley, your home is featured on a number of real estate websites for maximum exposure. This includes Tucson’s Multiple Listing Service, which feeds into innumerable sites which include:

    • Zillow & Trulia
    • Youtube video
    • Yahoo real estate

    Your home will be listed prominently on over 90 real estate related websites, and potentially cross-referenced on more than two thousand individual Tucson real estate agent websites. Please contact Sarah Ley, Realtor at 520-404-0544 if you would like a complimentary evaluation of your home’s value in today’s market, (aka CMA), or email Sarah directly at

  • Coordinating Title Companies and Lenders in your Tucson home purchase or sale

    Posted on August 26th, 2011 Sarah Ley 2 comments

    Your Tucson home purchase or sale will involve a neutral third party, called an escrow or title company, who will make sure all conditions of the sale are met before a transfer of funds and property occurs between buyer and seller. The escrow agent (or escrow/title officer) will verify the property details- including legal description, and valid deeds/ownership. Additionally, the title and escrow company will gather the real estate contracts from both the buyer and seller, including the purchase contract, addenda, and all other pertaining documents- including transfer information and financials from home owner’s associations (a.k.a. HOA’s).

    As your professional Realtor, Sarah Ley will assist you throughout this process by helping you to select the right title company and escrow officer to best suit your needs. By checking in regularly with the escrow officer during the term of the escrow, Sarah will ensure that the process of transfer is being handled properly and timely, until the close of escrow is official, and the house is yours. Overseeing the escrow includes verifying that the information contained on the preliminary title report is correct, and that there are no encumbrances (clouds on title) that cannot be removed on the property, as well as coordinating with other parties to the transaction.

    Sarah will also check with your Mortgage broker, banker, or lender to ensure that they are getting all of the necessary paperwork as well as the appraisal to the title company. Also, Sarah will verify that they are meeting the time frames contained in the purchase contract. This is especially important, since the new residential purchase contract states that lenders are required to provide the seller with regular loan status updates (LSU’s).

    The Title Company’s Responsibilities include:

    Opening Escrow/ Depositing Earnest Money

    You will have the opportunity to select an escrow officer when your purchase contract is being drafted. The first step the title company will be involved in is holding your earnest money funds, a deposit made to the title company that shows the buyer’s good faith. Sarah will be responsible for opening escrow, and making sure the title company deposits your earnest money into a neutral escrow account. At the time she is drafting your purchase contract, she can recommend a suitable amount of earnest money- based on the purchase price of the property. Higher amounts of earnest money will show the seller how serious your offer is.

    Title Search

    The title company does a search to make sure that the seller actually owns the property that he or she is attempting to sell, as well as establishing a correct legal description, and a proper chain of title (history) for the property. A title officer/title examiner will also make sure the title is clear by checking for liens on the property. This can include:

    • Property Taxes – Coordinating the payment or credit of property taxes for the current year. If taxes are delinquent, confirming any late fees owed.
    • Home Owners Association(s) – (if applicable) Checking to see whether dues are current and coordinating transfer fees and pro-rations of dues relative to the particular HOA. Ensuring that the buyer is aware of the amount of dues and that the new buyer’s membership in the HOA is established.
    • Other unpaid Liens, judgements, debts, or legal fees – The preliminary title report will provide the buyer with any and all encumbrances pertaining to the property.
    • Making sure that the seller has the ability to pay off all existing mortgages owed on the property. This is especially important in today’s market, considering the high number of home sellers who are upside down on their mortgages. Once the title company has verified that the sale is not a short sale, if the sales price is not sufficient to cover all of the loan payoffs (and the sale has not been specified as a short sale), it is the title company’s responsibility to make sure the seller will have the necessary funds to close escrow.

    If a property (or seller) has numerous encumbrances or liens (this could include, but is not limited to mortgages, judgement liens, tax liens, contractor’s liens) which cannot be cleared up prior to close of escrow, it may affect the saleability of the property. Therefore, the title company’s ability to issue a title policy would be affected, as would the seller’s ability to provide clear title to the property. Sarah will serve as your guide in this process. If necessary, (and the transaction necessitates it), she may recommend that you obtain legal or tax advice.

    Title Insurance

    The title company will provide you with title insurance for a fee, which means they hold a title insurance policy for the property in their secure title library. The Owner’s Title Policy (OTP) is paid by the seller to ensure that you are being issued a title policy free from encumbrances. Evidence of this title insurance policy is recorded when the property changes hands. If anyone ever tries to claim ownership in your property, the title insurance covers the cost of proving your rights to the property by establishing a clear chain of title.

    Transfer of Funds and Title

    Once the title search is complete and the title policy has been issued, you are now ready to “close escrow.” Sarah will schedule a “closing appointment” at the title company, which if you are getting a mortgage will take about an hour to sign the closing documents required by your lender and the title company. Sarah will attend this appointment with you, which will be conducted at the title company’s office. You will need to bring the amount owed at the closing, the amount of which Sarah will inform you in advance.

    Your closing funds will need to be in the form of a cashier’s check, as that is required based on the 2002 “Good Funds Law” in the state of Arizona. More than likely, your lender may also require you to put money into “escrow” to establish the impound accounts to cover the property taxes and homeowners insurance portion of your monthly mortgage payment. Sarah will make sure that you receive a “Good Funds Estimate” from your lender, and also an estimated closing cost statement from the title company, so that you know what to expect before getting to the closing table.

    Congratulations, you have now made it to the close of escrow, and now you can celebrate your new home! Please call Sarah Ley with any real estate or title questions you may have at (520) 404-0544 or email her directly: Sarah has been assisting Tucson home buyers and sellers since 1999, and has participated in over 350 successful Tucson real estate transactions during her professional real estate career. Call Sarah today and put her expertise to work for you!

  • Why Choose a Tucson Realtor who is a CRS?

    Posted on December 2nd, 2010 Sarah Ley No comments

     Why do I need a Realtor who is a CRS?

    Buying or selling a home is one of the most critical financial decisions you will make in a lifetime. It can be a confusing maze, and for some people it is an overall stressful process. Therefore, it pays to leave little to chance. With the trusted expertise of a CRS to guide you in the process, your can rest assured that your real estate transaction will not be left to chance.
    To best meet the specific residential needs of home buyers and sellers, the Residential Sales Council of the National Association of Realtors instituted a class of expert residential real estate professional, the Certified Residential Specialist (CRS).

    What difference does it make if my agent is a CRS or not?

    CRS designees have undergone a rigorous, specialized course of detailed training, and have proven transactional experience aimed at making residential transactions as smooth and worry-free as possible for their buyer and seller clients.

    A CRS brings additional qualifications to the table without costing you any extra money…

    • Membership in the local Tucson Association of Realtors, Arizona Association of Realtors, and the National Association of Realtors. Additionally, CRS agents are part of a large network of residential real estate professionals. But only the top 5% of residential Realtors can classify themselves as CRS designees.
    • Each CRS agent must successfully complete a rigorous course work, as well as have a proven track record of closed transactions to earn the CRS designation. CRS designees are an elite group of agents, and along with their referral network, they comprise one of the most successful residential real estate educational programs in the nation. Every CRS is a REALTOR who is equipped with powerful training and expertise, thanks to advanced coursework in listing and selling residential property, investment properties, taxes, and more.
    • What this means is that when you choose to hire a CRS designee, you’re working with a competent professional who is more connected, more knowledgeable, and more experienced than the 95% of all other REALTORS who are not CRS designees.

      Your needs are unique and important… You deserve to work with a CRS designee in your real estate transaction. You deserve the best!

      Because your real estate needs are unique and important, you owe it to yourself to seek out a specialist in residential real estate. You would do the same if you needed a lawyer, or a skilled surgeon. You would want to work with only the best! Remember that only 5% of all REALTORS Nationally have earned the right to all themselves a CRS. Only 5% of REALTORS have developed special residential sales skills and enhanced their residential sales knowledge through study, dedication and experiences. Only 5% of REALTORS want to earn their client’s business by proving that they will give you their very best knowledge, professionalim, and most importantly- results. You stand only to gain by trusting your real estate transaction to the best of the best. It all adds up to one thing, providing you with the best possible service, so your CRS REALTOR can earn trusted referrals from your friends and family.

    • Most CRS agents work mainly by referrals from colleagues, past clients, friends, and family. CRS agents are the best in the business, so their services come highly recommened, making CRS agents in high demand. This leaves your CRS agent with more time to focus on your individual real estate needs, rather than having to pound the pavement looking for leads.

    • What qualifications does a CRS bring to my transaction?

      Your CRS agent possesses the following credentials that are essential to the outcome of your home purchase or sale:

    • A professional designation specializing in the sale of residential real estate.
    • A higher level of education and transactional experience in residential real estate.
    • Professional connections and networking sources with thousands of other real estate professionals on both local and national levels.
    • Up-to-the-minute industry information, with respect to national and local real estate markets, investment properties, important changes and legislation affecting the real estate industry, and many other areas of importance.
    • Local market knowledge – special residential expertise unique to the Tucson real estate market, in order to best benefit Tucson home buyers and sellers.

      **The CRS designation is both a badge of expertise and your personal shield of assurance when buying or selling a home in Tucson. Look for the CRS Shield when considering your next residential real estate transaction.**

    • Getting you the best possible results in residential real estate is what your CRS agent pledges to you.

    • Don’t trust the sale or purchase of your most valuable asset to anything less than a CRS! Sarah Ley is both a member of Arizona CRS, and national CRS. Call Sarah Ley at (520) 404-0544 or e-mail for all of your Tucson real estate needs…


  • Referrals are the reason for my business

    Posted on October 14th, 2010 Sarah Ley No comments

    The best thank you gift that you can give your Realtor® for a job well done is referring your friends and family.  As your professional Tucson Realtor, with over 16 years of experience and 350 successful transactions under her belt, Sarah Ley aims to provide you with exemplary service from start to finish during your real estate purchase or sale, and beyond.  The foundation of Sarah’s business practice is to provide consistent above & beyond service to her clients, treating them like members of her own family- so that they will be honored to refer their own family to Sarah when in need of Tucson real estate services. Sarah’s goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with your home purchase and/or sale, so that she can earn your trusted referrals.

    Sarah Ley welcomes your referrals. Sarah Ley’s business philosophy is “Your referrals are the reason for my business.” Sarah Ley is a Realtor you will want to work with and also to refer your friends and family to with 100% confidence. Call Sarah at 520-404-0544 or email her directly at for a confidential analysis of your real estate need(s).

  • Avoiding common pitfalls in your Tucson real estate purchase

    Posted on January 17th, 2010 Sarah Ley No comments

    In today’s complex real estate and legal environment, it is critical to utilize the services of a professional Realtor. Having sixteen years of experience assisting buyers and sellers in Tucson, Arizona, Sarah Ley will help you anticipate and successfully navigate the plethora of issues that may befall your next real estate transaction.

    Here are a few common mistakes that home buyers make:

    • Not having the right fit with a Realtor. Don’t stick with a real estate agent that you aren’t comfortable with just because you don’t want to hurt his or her feelings. Buying a home can be highly stressful. You need an agent who will work hard on your behalf and act as an advocate, if and when the going gets rough. Sarah Ley’s mission is to work diligently and tirelessly for her clients to make sure that you have the help and professional guidance you need to ensure that you get the home you want- on YOUR terms.
    • Not doing a home inspection. It may seem like an unnecessary step in the process, but a home inspection is a critical link to making sure that the home you are buying is a sound investment, and not a money pit. Keep in mind that saving a few hundred dollars by not hiring a home inspector can end up possibly costing you tens of thousands of dollars in the long run. Even if you think you could do an inspection yourself, have a family member do one for you, or you think it’s unimportant to perform one- unless you hire an ASHI certified home inspector, you may miss something. For example, do you know what a pressure release valve is and how to tell if it is functioning? Do you know how to tell if a property has serious structural or termite damage? Do you know if the systems of your new home are all operational? Trust in the fact, that when buying a home- unless you are a general contractor- you need to hire a professional home inspector.
    • Finding your dream home before being approved for a Mortgage. Nothing is more heartbreaking than finding out your can’t afford the dream home you had your heart set on, or seeing a home go to another buyer when financing has not been properly arranged in advance. As your buyer’s agent, Sarah Ley will make sure that you are pre-qualified by a mortgage lender before you begin your home search to prevent such heartaches, and to help you focus only on homes in the price range you can afford.
    • Not giving yourself enough time to get through the process. Unexpected things can happen at any stage of the home buying process. For this reason, it’s essential that you pace yourself throughout your home purchase. Sarah will assist you in coordinating all of the important functions of the transaction (contracts, inspections, title companies, loan guidelines, movers, and more). As your real estate agent, Sarah Ley is well versed in assisting clients to establish a time line that they feel comfortable with. Remember, this is your move!
    • Settling for less than what you wanted.  It’s true that you may not get everything you want in your Tucson home purchase, but don’t settle for a home that you are less than excited about just because you feel pressed for time to find a home. There are always other options out there, and if you don’t find the right home to suit your lifestyle in a time frame you can live with, Sarah can help you explore all your options. Maybe you would be better off to rent for six months on a month-to-month lease, in order to be able to give yourself enough time to find the right home for you for the long run. That feeds into the final item-
    • Getting cold feet and not doing anything about it. Let’s face it- buying a home is a huge decision. One that you shouldn’t make on a whim… If you are under contract to buy a home, and you get cold feet, it is essential that you tell your agent right away. Sarah Ley will make sure that you are fully aware of the deadlines in the purchase contract. If you get cold feet during the inspection period, you can cancel the contract and get your 100% of your earnest money back. If it happens after the inspection period, it may cost you your earnest money- or possibly more- but if you truly changed your mind about the house, it may be worth it to have an attorney advise you on how to get out of the contract. The bottom line is that hiring a professional Realtor to represent your needs is essential to making sure that you get the most out of your real estate purchase.  Please call Sarah Ley at 520-404-0544 or email her directly at if you are interested in a no-obligation consultation of your real estate needs.
  • Tucson Area Information & Attractions

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    Are you relocating to Tucson? As your professional Tucson Realtor, Sarah Ley can affirm that there are countless reasons Tucson residents love living here in the “Old Pueblo.” Just to mention a few: you’ll enjoy daily brilliant sunrises and sunsets, a year round temperate climate, incredible hiking and cycling, nature respites, resorts, spas, a wide variety of cultural activities, a vibrant University and downtown area, equipped with a brand new street car, as well as a diverse job market with many high-tech jobs.

    Tucson Facts

    • Population: 885,000 and growing
    • Median Age of Residents: 35
    • Average Per Capita income: $36,300
    • Largest Employers: University of Arizona, Pima Community College, Raytheon, and Davis Monthan Air Force Base

    Tucson’s many claims to fame

    • One of most bicycle friendly cities in the United States
    • Tucson is one of the Astronomy capitols of the world
    • A top resort, golfing, and spa/wellness destination
    • Quickly becoming a nationally key retirement destination and Tucson is a very popular place for second homes for our winter residents.

    Annual Events For a full list of this month’s events, check the Tucson Visitor and Convention Bureau

      • Tucson Gem and Mineral Show
      • Rodeo (Fiesta de los Vaqueros) – even public schools give days off for this event!
      • Tubac Festival of the Arts
    • MARCH
      • Fourth Avenue Spring Street Fair
      • Civil War Reenactment of the Battle at Picacho Pass at Picacho Peak
    • APRIL
      • Tucson International Film Festival
      • UofA Spring Fling
      • Pima County Fair
      • Tucson International Mariachi Conference
    • MAY
      • Cinco de Mayo Fiesta at Kennedy Park
    • JUNE
      • Tucson Toros Baseball
    • JULY
      • Peach Festival (Willcox)
    • AUGUST
      • Summer Saturday Evenings at the Desert Museum
      • The Greek Festival
      • Oktoberfest on Mount Lemmon
      • Tucson Meet Yourself
      • El Tour de Tucson
      • Lights at Winterhaven

    Places to Visit in Tucson


    • San Xavier Mission
    • Arizona Historical Society

    Science and AstronomyTucson is one of the astronomy capitols of the world, as the International Dark Sky Association ( has been successful in its mission to ensure that Tucson is one of the few cities where the stars can still actually be seen at night.

    • Flandrau Science Center
    • Kitt Peak National Observatory

    The Arts, Theaters, Performance Venues

    • Arizona Opera
    • Arizona Theater Company
    • Centennial Hall / UA Presents
    • Gaslight Theater
    • Tucson Convention Center
    • Tucson Symphony Orchestra

    Gaming (Gaming is allowed in Tucson only on its Indian Reservations.)

    • Casino del Sol
    • Casino of the Sun
    • Desert Diamond

    Big and Little Kids


    • Tucson Museum of Art
    • On the University of Arizona Campus
      • Arizona State Museum
      • Center for Creative Photography

    Outdoors Tucson is surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges on every side: the Santa Catalinas on the North, the Rincons to the East, the Tucson Mountains to the West, and the Santa Ritas to the South. If you love hiking, or even just taking a stroll, you can visit Sabino Canyon, or hike Saguaro National Park. For more outdoor experiences, check out the Southern Arizona Hiking Club.

    Don’t throw out your warm winter boots; you can always “visit” the snow during the winter with a short drive (about 30 minutes) to Mt. Lemmon. There you can find winter skiing (weather permitting) at Mt. Lemmon Ski Valley.


    • City Courses
    • Del Urich
    • El Rio
    • Fred Enke
    • Randolph
    • Silverbell


    • Park Place Mall- East Tucson
    • Tucson Mall- West Tucson
    • Foothills Mall- Northwest Tucson
    • La Encantada- Catalina Foothills


    • Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa at the Westin La Paloma
    • Canyon Ranch
    • Westward Look
    • Miraval, Life in Balance Resort
    • Hashani Spa at Starr Pass

    Restaurants Tucson has many award winning restaurants and is quickly becoming a gourmand’s paradise. You will be able to find your favorite chain restaurant in town, but don’t miss out on these restaurants that are unique to the Tucson area. Remember, in Tucson, it’s not unusual to find people dressed casually when visiting even the fanciest restaurants.


    • Jonathans Tucson Cork
    • Le Rendez Vous (French)
    • Anthony’s in the Catalinas
    • Fleming’s
    • Janos
    • Vivace, 4310 N Campbell Ave- Italian


    • Delectables
    • Fronimos, 3234 E Speedway Blvd (Greek)
    • Eclectic Cafe
    • Fox Restaurants (Sauce, Wildflower, Zin Burger, North, Montana Avenue)

    Mexican Eat at one Tucson’s many delicious authentic Mexican Restaurants!

    • Mi Nidito (President Clinton ate here)
    • Micha’s in South Tucson , 2908 South Fourth Avenue
    • La Parilla Suiza

    Coffee Shops If you like Starbucks, you will definitely find one nearby, but these other Tucson coffee shops can’t be beat.

    • Bentley’s
    • Le Buzz, 9121 E Tanque Verde Rd # 125
    • Raging Sage, 2458 N Campbell Ave

    Touristy Eat at Trail Dust Town – dare to wear a tie (an expendable one!) when you eat at Pinnacle Peak steak house. Also, check out Dakota Café if you’re not into exclusively cowboy fare.

    To find a list of other great restaurants that exist in Tucson only, visit Tucson Originals. If you’re looking for expert real estate advice, don’t hesitate to call or email Sarah Ley with any questions. Direct: 520-404-0544 Email: 

  • Property Discovery

    Posted on September 12th, 2009 Sarah Ley No comments

    In the purchase of your new Tucson home, it is important to take the time to uncover any issues, including actual or potential hazards in the home you are looking to buy. This period of time, which occurs from the time an offer is accepted, until the completion of the inspection period is called “Discovery.” Just like in a court case, as a buyer purchasing a residential resale home, you have a set period of time (in resale purchases it is 10 days) after the date your contract is accepted to perform all of your inspections, and discover as much as you can about the property. This discovery period may include any or all of the following: disclosures from the seller and/or the listing agent of the home, home inspections, termite inspections, and possibly other types of specialized inspections (including, but not limited to roof, mold, lead, asbestos, & other types of in-depth environmental analysis). If you are interested in doing additional inspections (above and beyond a typical home inspection, Sarah Ley can help coordinate these efforts, and she can recommend providers of these types of inspections.

    In today’s market, you may be purchasing a home that is being sold without disclosures. This is common with bank owned homes, as well as estate sales, and sales of homes that are owned by investors who have never occupied the home. In these types of transactions, it becomes even more critical as a buyer to discover any latent defects the home may have. For this reason, you may wish to ask for an extended inspection period, to ensure that you have ample time to discover as much as possible about the home you are buying. It can be like peeling an onion, as there are many ‘layers’ in any home. For these reasons, it is important to have a professional Realtor acting as your guide to steer you through the process. Please call Sarah Ley to further discuss your concerns about your new home.